There Is A Party In My Body! (2010)

by Andrew Link

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This is a compilation of recordings I have done over the years. Including tracks by Hunger Moon, and The Struggle Brothers. All Hunger Moon songs are co-written with Scott Parrish, and all Struggle Brothers songs are co-written with Nikhil Rao.


released April 2, 2011

Thanks to Tuck Nelson for recording all of these tracks. Thanks to musicians Adam Showalter, Hector Diaz, Scott Parrish, Hana Beaton, Chris Hurd, and Nikhil Rao.



all rights reserved


Andrew Link Portland, Oregon

Andrew Link is a dragon. Andrew is against the horrific tragedy that is roadkill, more specifically if not exclusively squirrel roadkill. Roadkill should not be allowed. Why would anyone allow that? They should make a law. That squirrel could be your kid, homie. How would you like it if your kid got hit by a car and nobody did anything about it? These monsters should be sent to jail. ... more

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Track Name: North Dakota Cornfields
Just cruising along, the north dakota cornfields I guess it was supposed to end like this. Just breathing fire and spitting out ice, thats the way it was, the way it always was. Said, your hearts scorching and you lungs can't breathe, your big shoulders and your rusty voice. Said there ain't no poet in this dusty cornfield and the things we said they weren't meant to heal. (Chorus) And when we get home we're going to smoke a big ass cigar for the sun as we watch it caress the horizon, then we'll see you and me how our problems are clear and we'll laugh our eyes to tears. (Verse 2) Head on back to Oakland for a night by the lake, Said I'm watching her eyes dazzle in the moonlight. Just breathing in the marijuana smoke my hands get clammy when she leans close. My best friend is sitting upside down in a tree and he's gritting his teeth with anxiety and he is thinking about burrowing underground because he's stuck for life in this town. (Verse 3) So I guess I'll hide behind my sunglasses, said the sky is clear but my eyes are pink. Just thinking about the north dakota cornfields and the things we said they weren't meant to heal. Lace your fingers in mine and tie them in knots that we don't quite understand the only way that we will ever grow. Said I know its going to take sometime to realize our words are meant to heal but i just got to show you how they feel.
Track Name: Let's Get Metaphysical!
Track Name: Hunger Moon - Mystical Sunrise
Mystical sunrise at the crack of dawn, give me the power to move right on, your breaking my heart at the speed of light, give me the power to put up a fight, your my loving babe but you got to die. I got naked problems lying in my head there's an evil women lying in my bed, my ships in a bottle and I don't know why, pulled the trigger and I started to sigh. Because candy coating is good and sweet when my salvation is making me weep, there ain't no fix for no crying shame, there ain't no soul but your own to blame
Track Name: Hunger Moon - Ol' Fire Song
Watching that old fire burn, dancing flames they swish and turn its all nothing in the end. I can see the light in the back of your eyes turn into smoke as it touches the skys, we're all nothing in the end. I can feel your heart and it's close to mine building a fire now it takes time I can't promise it won't burn us again. Who's to say where we go when these flames they take control stars are made of skeletons.
Track Name: Got A Better Life To Live
Let me sit you down and tell you that your head ain't screwed on right and that there is one million possibilities besides anxiously pulling out your hair. Said your catching a train down south to solve all of your whiskey withdraws I said you got a bomb strapped to your back and that your not coming back. Said you got a better life to live so move over I got a life to live. After a couple of years your at my door like you always were before, with overalls and a dog and a sunburned face saying that you know it all, but in my nose I can smell the booze on the breath that you blow, and I know the time did fly but your whiskey problems are still alive.
Track Name: Feels Like One Of Those Days
memories gone lost in a song and the words just seemed to flow off the page
lavender nights by sweet fire flies ill be the moon to move your lonely tide
and someone once said that this river wont end so lets cast in the feelings that we shared here to night

and it feels like one of those days, were the world is yours and you have it forever
and it feels like just one of those days, were the light just seems to seep out your pours

and well live for today no room for tomorrow so tell your worries that your head is full
my bags are packed with a whole lot of nothing but a space in my chest that was once a whole
and i'll wear my glasses to sleep now, so I can see my dreams with clarity

and it feels like one of those days, were your eyes shine like 10,000 rainbows
and it feels like just one of those days, and you think that you might have it forever.
Track Name: I Know You Tried
Said he was the son of rock n' roll and he would never die
and the last two words he spoke to us you know they weren't good bye
I said I know your heart is beating but its so misleading
With that medicine gun in your vein your smashed guitar is so cliche

and you shiver inside with malice in your eyes and a lions heart you roar but a child's soul you hide behind and least you looked good going down you're pedestals immortalized and you aren't coming down.

Nicholas BARKS HERE!!!

when the night sticks come out and the tear gas does flow
you sit debilitated and jaded in basements you do not know
and you think your life's a song written by someone long ago
singing about drug addiction your sitting in your grave all alone
Track Name: Hunger Moon - Eyes Wide Closed
Midsummer's morning and Im stuck in my head. doesn't help dreaming if your already dead
the pens lead is white and i can't find black paper just like how i lost my apathy and asked you for a favor
i talking to jesus and he spit on my feet said i'd never walk on water and to admit to defeat
i saw you standing there eyes wide closed with goose bumps in your hair
i saw you standing there holding comforts that keep you there
like a dog on a leash I nibble at the chord just like a fiend i smoke pot when i'm bored
dream about nothing and jibberish too and i can't believe that i am telling it to you I said you
Track Name: Struggle Brothers - Down't Break My Heart/No Meat On The Table
baby girl don't you break my heart. or else I'll have to hang my head and cry
baby girl don't you break my heart, it takes a bottle of whiskey to dull the pain
well I hope that you know I know about him and when I leave he'll be coming through the window again
and i help you self from drinking i can't help myself from drinking away the pain
and an open road never lies its only me that says his goodbyes
i can't stop from that thought of telling you the truth said im leaving town ill see you soon what a damn awful lie

i dun lost my women again she dun took my money and wine just about do anything to see her again cuz whatever she do she'll always be mine no matter what she do by my side
she done let the goats out again no meat on the table them em' kids
she gone got me drinking myself to death.
if it wasn't for that women i'd be rich
Track Name: Struggle Brothers - Magic Garageband Song 3
I've been wondering....where you been? I've been sitting here drinking gin. No girl I've been thinking, why you done me wrong. Gonna get my way don't get wrong you get me wrong. I've been drinking alcohol gunna bye you a diamond ring at the mall!!!! UHHHH.. WOOOOOOOOOO.